AbouT Me

My name is Ken Hoye. Runner, Sports Scientist, Run coach and Sports Massage therapist.

I joined a running club in 1990 and have competed in road, track and cross country races ever since. I love to run as a way to unwind, to meet friends and to keep fit, but mostly for me it is about performance.

I am proud of some of my personal bests, a 33 minute 10k and some sub 3 hour marathons, but I am always analysing how I can go faster. To shave off a few more seconds or minutes. Over the years I have met Olympians and their coaches and tried to learn from each one. I have studied Sports Science and continue to keep up to date with the latest sport and exercise science has to offer. I have also had my share of injuries that I now know are largely preventable.

My ethos

My aim as a coach is to help prevent most of the issues I have had over the years and to give each athlete the tools to get themselves to the start line more often, and in better shape than they have been before.

I also have a young family and understand that whilst running is very important to you, there are sometimes things that make training difficult. I aim to get the best out of each session and put together programmes that suit your lifestyle. Be warned though, personal bests don’t come without a little effort, but I try to make each session fun and challenging as well as tailored to your goals.

Athletics Achievements

If you really want to know more about me follow the Kenematics facebook page or see the link below for some of my race times from the last few years.